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#167591 - Gayle grunted deeply, actually growling as her thighs clamped his head in place and her body arched, her muscles rigid and shaking as she rode through her first real orgasm like a sparrow spinning through a tornado. She groaned as she opened her eyes, her mind still too fuzzy to remember what had happened; but it all came back in a crashing wave as she looked up and saw the feral smile on David’s excited face, “Wha. She turned from the desk and took several steps away from the dapperly dressed clerk, pressing Victor’s number on the tiny keyboard a bit harder than usual in her annoyance – how dare that man take such liberties! Just because they flirted a little did not mean she would be jumping into bed with him at the first opportunity, just who did he think he was? “Hello?” “Mr.

Read Sis 我的愛神之好運連連 - Ah my goddess Pure18 我的愛神之好運連連

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