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#286569 - 15 years later I can still play back every second of it in my head. I went in, went straight to the condom machine and bought a pack of 10 with the change I had in my handbag before popping into the cubicle to check that all was fresh down there. I am normally freaked out at first with guys doing this as I always get paranoid about will I smell funny, will he like the smell, what if I taste strange, what if he doesn t like how I am trimmed etc, etc but all of that was gone, it had been less than 2 minutes since entering the room and a stranger was making a damn good job of it, I genuinely thought I was going to explode! I had never done anything like this before, had certainly never been with 2 men and here I was being paid for it! I felt the shorter one move away and thought that he was about to fuck me so I mumbled condoms, handbag as best as I could with a mouth full of cock! He got them but it turns out that he wasn t ready for that; he wanted what his friend had been getting

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