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#315304 - Get back to me fast when you get this- Mark. Taking chance, I do reach around to cop a feel of her petite ass, making her pull away “Try that again and I’ll tell your mom on you!” bursting out laughing “say why don’t you bring your laptop and come to my place, we got an upgrade in wifi service that allows us to be out by the pool and not lose signal strength!” And I could just stay here and surf in comfort!” moving back to sit down “Give me one reason I would want to go surf outside in your backyard?” “I’ve a new bathing suit, I’m dying to try on!’ Damn now that’s a reason to go and she knew I loved to see her next to naked. As the screen blacked out, I turn to her “Hey breathe, Melinda, you’re lips are blue!” Laughing “Ha Ha! Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Carson, comedian wannabe!” Oh ouch!, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today! And I have to admit my retort was just adding to her attitude.

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Sayaka kirasaka
So fucking cute