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#296294 - but any way as i waz saying he got it up i sayed looks nick never say one besides mine said ys that i said its just not something u look at much less u gay said o and said can i see yours cuz u saw my dick i wana c what u look like i said u do do u said yea i said if i show u u cant tell no 1 its bad for us to do this he said ok i wont tell if u dont and at that i pulled it out all 7inchs of it he jumped back said wow thats big i said yea hes hard to agen he asked so i told him bout it and so on we sat there for a good 15min or so just looking at r dicks and asking in stuff win he said can i fill it i said do what u want to fill my dick? said yea so i figered might go a little wazs in to this just to see where it will go and thats win it hit me i might be a bit gay but at least bi but he rubed it for a bit then saad it felt warm and good so i asked if i can fill his he said y not so i did i rubed him a bit he said it felt great and made him fill warm inside and then it sarted t ohart h

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