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#263963 - FATHER! STOP YOUR KILLING HER! Akane screamed and wanted to run over and help Nabiki but Ranma grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, “That’s the point Akane, of course were killing her, what did you think would happen after we pushed a steel pole all the way though her?” Soan said as he continued his work, You cant stop this Akane Ranma said and let Akane's wrist go and she just sat back down to continue watching the spitting. When Soan and Genma were done getting the fire pit ready he called to the living area, Nabiki would you come out here please Soan called, Yes father? Nabiki said as she left the house and walked toward the pond where the fire pit and her father were, We need you to help us Soan replied, Ok father what do you need me to do? She asked looking around and saw the new pit next to him and Genma walking up behind her with a large six foot long spit, We need meat Nabiki dear Genma said with a smile, Please strip Nabiki Soan said as Akane and Ran

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