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#188383 - After a short while of trying to ignore the cold, with my body attuning to the night around me, I caught a faint smell of aftershave. I was slightly nervous at why I might want to run, however before I could consider it much, with a few practised moves, my feet had been deftly tied together. Then there was a sudden pain! I wws getting fucked in the arse! I hadn’t felt any lube and the guy wasn’t being gentle! Oh my god it hurt and felt so good at the same time! Every time of trying the guy got further in and every thrust forced my stomach across the rough wood, my tits were hanging down on the other side of the log and slamming back and forth! I was moaning and crying all at once! As my arsehole was fucked, one hand was placed under my chin pulling my head up making my back arch and the other hand was grabbing fists full of my hair pulling my head back! Suddenly, it was too much.

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