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#247887 - 00 was just too much to throw away, even if she did have a broken heart!!! That lying skunk, Chris, how could he have done this to her!!! She always had a feeling that he was a little bit on the shifty side, but when she found out that he was seeing two other girls on the side, well that was just too much!!! They had been planning this cruise for over a year when just by pure chance she saw Chris and a buxom blonde coming out of a Midtown hotel at two in the afternoon!!! Later that evening when she confronted him with her allegation, instead of denying it he laughed right in her face and practically bragged at how for all these months he had been playing her for a sucker!!! With her head spinning and the nausea rising in her throat, she managed to open the door and ordered him out of her apartment as well as the rest of her life!!! Later that evening on the telephone.

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