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#355759 - you being you blows me away harvey smiled and took his top off he replaced his top with the one i just brought him. 8 at night finally came i got out my car and knocked on harveys door. on are way out the i thank everyone that had served us apart from the man who thought he was better i walked up to him and said you need a attitude ajustment just becuase we are 18 doesnt mean we cant afford places like this we left and the door man said got for you younge man i smiled again at him and said goodnight sir back in harvey's car he said to me ive always wanted to eat in there thank you babe i smiled really widly and said no problem i hope you enjoyed your self harvey looked at me and said i hope i didnt take the piss to much no not at all i said (being honest) how much did we spend? asked harvey $500 i told him and also said but it was money well spent to repair the damaged i did harvey started his car and drove me back home i kissed him goodnight he asked if he

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