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#148096 - Alison agreed and off they continued to meet these guys in a pub called the Coach and Horses out on the road to Harlow I think, anyway when they got there Alison said that the other guy, called Danny, wasn’t bad looking and was a bit of a lad and had a sense of humour, so while Andy and Kym were sitting in the pub sucking face Alison and Danny played pool. All the time while playing Danny was trying it on with Alison, looking down her top while she played a shot, putting her off by touching her bum and all the usual stuff, he was also openly flirting with her, touching her arms and just being obvious with his flirting.

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Did i just spent 16 min wanking off to a sexy retard i mean honestly the face expressions and sounds and yet it still kinda hot smh i need to log off the internet for today
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