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#95654 - She tastes their mingled juices on his shaft and runs her tongue round it eliciting another moan from Alan. With every lick of Alan’s tongue Amanda feels herself losing control and starts to buck her hips invitingly to Alan, feeling him stop licking she isn’t prepared for the force as he pushes his hard thick cock inside her tight pussy. Looking to Mike she gives a silent plea but he smiles and says ‘Babe we told you that the men in our family share everything, we meant everything!’ Alan was now massaging her breast through the material and Amanda was shocked to feel her nipple hardening under his touch, feeling light headed she stands frozen as Paul moves round behind her still holding her arm and releases the clasp on her bra, he tugs it and the bra slides round her body baring her firm breasts for them all to see.

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Love those boobs
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