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#272287 - m now we were still so horny we sated to make out again and then he said that we were basically going out I was so happy because I’d never had a really hot boyfriend before he said that he was going to take a shower so I joined him his cock was soft now but when we go in the shower I dropped down and started rubbing his cock again the he pulled me up and stared licking all over my boobs he asked if we should fuck I said that we should wait till next time I have a sleep over with mia he said ok so then we got dressed and went back down stairs and then we fell asleep . I started moaning because it felt so good he noticed I was awake and so he stopped I flipped over and said real fast “kiss me” and then we stared to make out but then jaydon (her brother) stated to wake up so we stopped the we both got up and went upstairs to mia‘s room (my best friend). We started to make out again.

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Otaru mamiya
She is so hot her tits are amazing x
Arisa ichigaya
Perfection xoxo
Wish my dick was smaller ic ould be fucking some neck 2 lol
Keima katsuragi
Thank you