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#16468 - i then quickly asked the girls what did they want from me,their response, you we want you. i got out of bed imeditatly asking what the fuck was going on the girl's laughed and gigled and broke of a wisper we want you i thouht about trying to escape from the mysterious two but then thought to myself i was going to get laid now or never. i then turned the tables by geting up saying to the other girl take of yyour shirt with a viloent voice and the girl not refusing took off her shirt but did not give me a chance to do anything she pushed me on the brd and began to ssit ontop of me slowly pulling down her black leather panties and meassaging my face with the lips of her pussy then yelling in erotica lick ,lick!! But instead of lick i blew lightly into her cunt until the sligtest sign of pleasure from the women then sticking my tounge in and out and up and down until felt her legs shake and then bite into it as if it were a raw meat of chicken, the girls now handed me an env

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Naga the serpent
I need you to fuck me like that
The thumbs up offset them anyway
Kakeru todoroki
Oh how i love it when a guy cums inside you
Ryouta suzui
Now i have i want it that way stuck in my head