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#120182 - His hands dug into the bed sheets as his whole body rocked with the force of her thrusts, their bodies clapping loudly together as her balls slapped against his with every deep drive up into him, her breasts, heavy and full bouncing with each thrust, her face flushed red as a few beads of sweat trickled down her plush form. “Okay okay…” He relented, leaning into grip her jeans, tugging them down… —– That had been days ago, he recalled, laying on his back, legs splayed wide as his girlfriend, now mercifully on top, railed him, her T-shirt hanging loose on her chest as she loomed over him, her girthy length pressing deep into as fucked him hard, her face above him red, her glasses long discarded as her passion took a hold of her. He had to admit it was incredibly hot, watching her impressive shaft vanish inside of him every second like a magic trick, each act causing electric shocks of pleasure to blossom deep within him, arcing up his spine but passing on his cock which, while cer

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