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#222126 - They made their way into the first store and much to Megan's embarrassment Tyler walked right up to an associate and said Hey how are you doing tonight, I need to buy my new slave her some clothes because she doesn't know how to dress like a proper slut, isn't that right you fucking whore? Yes master, none of my clothes were fitting to show my place as your new fucktoy in public Megan said as she looked the sales girl in the eyes while her face turned red. It was then that he took her in completely as she stood there with her dark brown hair down almost to her waist, which contrasted her porcelain skin nicely she stood just over 5'10 in her 3inch heals with large C cup tits and an amazing ass which showed she must run that gave her petite body amazing curves, his eyes settled on her tight completely bald pussy before stopping at her brown eyes that watched him as she awaited him to tell her what to do. He instructed her down onto her knees and to crawl t

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