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#144752 - God pity I'm not going be around to feast on you beautiful cooked flesh Garry but I hope that you, Mary and her students all enjoy me he told Garry How you want cook me Garry Ben asked Best spit roast you alive, guts and all was Garrys reply to Ben At that Garry slowly oiled every part of Ben's body including Ben's anus hole then he began pushing a spitting pole deep into Ben's waiting anus as Ben was screaming, further and further Garry pushed the pole through Ben's body when suddenly the pole exited from Ben's mouth, Garry and another class member took an end each of the pole and lifted a wriggling Ben's body onto the awaiting gas fired charcoal embers and before long the room was filled with the aroma of cooking meat Ben's body glistened as it was slowly rotating on the spit Ben was being based with the juices oozing from his cooking flesh, It was such an awesome sight as the whole class watched Ben's skin to start turn deep brown as his skin started to crisp browner and

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Ryouko ookami
Music ruins it
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Your tanline on boobs are really hot please keep it