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#70762 - The next morning, which was Sunday, Billy came up to me apologizing for what happened last night, but he said he could not remember anything beyond being so drunk, that he could not walk, I asked him “are you sure?” he nodded sadly, I said “you have done something very bad Billy, but since you do not remember, I will not tell you anything, I think I have to live with it alone for the rest of my life” he tried pushing me to tell him, but I refused. Although Billy was drunk, but he had overpowered me, he was so big in size, as I have mentioned earlier, he pushed me to the wall of our living room and started kissing me, I felt his hand going in between my legs, till he found my bare pussy and started rubbing it, while kissing me passionately on the lips, I felt as if I was losing control over my own body, that action by my own son was making me horny, and my pussy betrayed me by becoming runny wet. I lost count how many times I came, but I knew for sure he came three times on a raw t

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