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#126681 - What do you want now, asked a wary Ben, as he eyed his ex lover with suspicion? Oh Benny, why let this magnificent erection go to waste, I'm going to do to you what only a few months ago you were begging me to do, I'm going to sit on that fat cock and fuck myself with it, that's what I'm going to do! Again, too stunned to respond, Sarah just sat in the chair and silently watched as Krista mounted her husband and lowered her cunt onto his now straining penis. Ben had never been so happy in his entire life! Here he was just home from his honeymoon, and ready to begin is marriage with the most beautiful and loving girl a man could ever hope for. My fucking god, Krista wailed, you always were so fucking good in bed! Ben, trying not to be too vociferous, none the less, let loose with his own string of epithets, most of which invoked the use of the term so fucking good.

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