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#66866 - Jan dreamt that it was Captain Nick, standing in front of her massaging her slit, as Jims fingers moved the material aside enabling him to push two fingers into her working on her saturated cunt bringing her nearer to orgasm as he slowed to stop at a red light where he leaned over and began massaging her right breast squeezing the nipple as his fingers continued to work on her puss, the light changed green just as her orgasm flooded through, he removed the hand from her breast dropping the clutch & the car jumped away from the lights forcing Jims left hand further into her at the same time Jim thought he heard Jan call out ooh Nick. Yes, Yes I understand Cindy but I’m not happy that you led Jan astray when you knew our feeling of only playing together, I shall have to receive a full set of all the photographs from the weekend and believe me you shall be punished although possibly not tonight as I see you have come with a very nice peace offering, shall we open them & partake. Jan was

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