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#267094 - Laura was tapping her shoe on the floor and staring at the ceiling when Dr. That was very good, commented the doctor, I have to see several other patients, but Miss Ames here will finish off the session for me, when you're done, get dressed and make another appointment with Miss Perkins! A second later he was out the door and gone, leaving only the two women in the small examining room. Laura watched as Nurse Ames set up the hysteria machine and added a long thick attachment to the end of the handle, and she involuntarily moaned again at the thought of what was about to happen! Nurse Ames handed the instrument to the doctor and he began by saying, This is a new and larger attachment, I think that you will find that it will relieve your hysteria much more efficiently than our usual model!!! By now Laura's vagina was dripping? and gaping open in anticipation of her treatment! Dr.

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