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#159254 - he looked like he was on steroids because he was so built there were roomers about it,i was always fatasising about having sex with him and how would it feel and how big his dick was and what his ass looked like because he has a giant ass that i think he gets it from what he eats . i felt his dick touching my ass and lower back rubbing agains it i was trying to back further into me. he told me lets try something, he asked me if i had ever been fingered, eatan out, or fucked while he was pinching and sucking on my nipples, i was being very sarisfied and i told him no with a questioning look and told me he wanted to eat me, i told him iwould love to feel that, and he turned off the shower and picked me up while we were still wet and through me on the pull out couch in his office he told me to bend over, and he stuck his tongue in , it felt amazing he slowly put his tongue on my as and licked and ate, i was screaming so loud and pleasure, and then i felt sommething different start at my

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This hentai is legendary nice double penetration