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#404644 - Hold me down and do me bitch I ain’t afraid of you Give me the tongue lashing I deserve Hump my juice covered face Got a monkey on my back, fur shure Papa knows I’m her pet She takes what she wants. Oh yeah, baby,Take more than you need No shy bunny she My Boi has a fist on her and ain’t afraid to use it Wham, bam, begging works, I’ll beg for the peg, if I hafta Got bite marks on my tits like campaign battle badges This one: bed brawl just yesterday Oh my lawdz, that one’s from brutal hand to hand Damn near had ya; till I came Mandyke ownz her Judy I’m her blazing slut, even when I’m too blonde So pound that pussy Teach my cunt a lesson it’ll never forget.

Read Creampie 捕らわれのハンコック といろいろ(Chinese) Tight Cunt 捕らわれのハンコック といろいろ(Chinese)

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