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#363701 - ” Exactly what were they doing just now, I wondered? Was Daddy kneeling between her widespread legs, fucking her missionary style, or was he doing her doggie, or was she riding his cock from above him, plunging his big prick into her pussy? In any case his cock was buried deep in her pussy right this moment, stretching it and filling it, warm, hard and firm inside her slick clutching cunt. I liked to watch myself, and for that reason I placed Johnny’s soft but firm down pillow beneath my head, and turned my head so that I could see myself in the big dresser mirror near the door to the hallway; see my legs spread apart with knees drawn up high. I should be able to go back to my bed and sleep now, I figured, but the fucking sounds were still filling my ears, and I was only a few feet from the doorway where the sounds were coming from.

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