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#103370 - At about midday, I knocked on his door and asked “Hey bro, want a sandwich?” “Sure, whatever you're having sis” as I close his door, I couldn't help but notice the tent in his boxers, for some reason, I got wet thinking about it as I walked back to the kitchen, and started to rub myself as I walked, and while I was making lunch, I got out a banana, and was about to cut it into pieces, when I had a devilish idea. Matt was 5'6” or so, and was a bit of a nerd (OK, he still is), he has always had dark brown hair, the same blue eyes as me, and a massive 10” dick. I get to school about 20 minutes before first period, and head to the office “Hi Mrs Wile, I was wondering if I could see the guidance counsellor today?” “Hi Emma, sure thing, is everything OK?” “Yeah, I just need someone I can trust to talk to in private” “No worries Emma, I'll get her to get you at some point during the day” The day seemed to drag on forever, finally towards the end of 3rd period, I get the


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