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#370326 - Among all the older teenage boys, I was the only 4 year old boy in the group, and I gravitated to Tony, who took it his duty to look after me exclusively, and had me at his side, as my protector, and I was like his little cabin boy. Tony pulled out, stroking his dick and shot more fluid all over me and on my ass, I lay in the bed, my ass hurting, pulsating, throbbing, feeling mushy with pain, that I got deflowered, my asshole opened, was changed, forever, and it is confusing why men sought me, and did that to me, I felt different, like when I got fucked by Tito, and now this time, Tony too, was wild and different, and that I liked it, but the I pain I felt before and now, would repeat, and was only when men would do that that to me; men would put their dick in my butt, and made me feel that hard dick go inside me, and raped my asshole. My boyhood sexual experience with Man- bodied teen; Man/boy love When I was about four years old, several older teenage kids, ranging from 13 t

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