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#245472 - Jessica knew that one day her time would come, but had it come now?, Jessica walked toward the kitchen slowly and approached her mother Mary and her father Steve, placing the envelope on the table and looking up toward her mothers face as they all took a moment of silence, Is that what I think it is honey? her father spoke, Yes dad I think its a meat draft notice Jessica replied, But for who?, mom is too old, they got sissy last year she added. Back at the farm. Entering the slaughter house Mary was place in line behind other meat-girl's younger and prettier then she was waiting for slaughter, looking down the line Mary could see two female slaughter house worker's working the line, one at a time taking the life from each meat-girl who found there throat's under the knives held by the two lovely slaughter worker's, one by one the line shortened bringing Mary one step closer to her impending death, Mary could see each girl before her, she could see the

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Damm she looks fantastic
Hinoki sai
Thank you so much for that appreciation