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Coed Nani Kallen - Code geass Viet Nam

(COMIC1☆2) [キングリボルバー (菊田高次)] なにカレン (コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ)


Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
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#33245 - The next day while the Nerothians are at my temple worshipping me I stand and using my Goa'uld voice { amplified so all Nerothians in my temple can hear me } I say I am your all powerful God Neroth and I am pleased, none of you have broken any of my laws, you all work hard in the fields and you worship me everyday but there is one amongst who doubts me, doubts my powers. While walking amongst my Nerothins using my cloacking device I hear a young Woman say If Neroth is an all powerful God like he says then why does he need 10 guards? an older male Nerothian says You musn't ask such questions, it's blasphemy to question our Gods plans another male Nerothian says You saw the fight bewtween our God Neroth and Richter, you saw his power, he lifted his hand and Richter was sent flying into the wall of the cage, how can you doubt him? . I order my guards back to their stations and bring the 2 Unas into the secret room, as soon as we walk in we can see m

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